Staff Editor, Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law & Ethics

I served as staff editor for Volume XIV, Issue 1 (Winter Issue) of the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics.  I will be serving in the same capacity for Volume XIV, Issue 2 (Summer Issue) early next month. 

The Editors-In-Chief for the journal this year -- Sean Arenson (JD '15) and Rose Goldberg (JD '15) -- have been totally admirable in their leadership role and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

More about the journal, which is relatively unique among law journals because it is peer-reviewed:

"The Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics is a biannual publication of the Yale Schools of Law, Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health, and Nursing. The Journal strives to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion on topics in health policy, health law, and biomedical ethics. It targets a broad and diverse readership of academicians, professionals, and students in medicine, law, and public health, as well as policy makers and legislators in health care.   

Submissions to the Journal are peer-reviewed by our distinguished Advisory Board consisting of nationally recognized experts in a variety of health-related disciplines. More than 50 student members from Yale's graduate and professional schools edit the Journal and oversee its production. The breadth of scope and format of the Journal is indicative of its interdisciplinary intent."

2L Year-In-Review

As I did last spring, I am planning to update the happenings from this past academic year in the next few posts.

Notices for The Phenomenology of Moral Normativity

It has just been brought to my attention that the publication of The Phenomenology of Moral Normativity was recognized by Alpha Sigma Nu (Honor Society of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education) and the Seattle University Magazine back in 2012.  I am posting the links to those notices below.

* Alpha Sigma Nu, Winter 2012.

* Seattle University Magazine, Fall 2012.

Nathan E. Mag Scholarship

I was fortunate this year to be a recipient of a Nathan E. Mag Scholarship from the Nathan E. Mag Scholarship Fund at Yale Law School.  The scholarship is awarded to support students pursuing advanced or joint-degrees in Law.  The fund was a bequest from Arthur Mag (Ph.B. 1918, L.L.B 1920), set up in the memory of his father.

I am very grateful to the Mag family for their generosity.

Summer Clerk, Community & Economic Development (CED) Clinic

I am currently 5 weeks in to my 12-week summer clerkship with the Ludwig Center for Community and Economic Development at the Yale Law School.  The CED Clinic is one branch of the Center operating out of the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale, which links law students to individuals and organizations who cannot afford legal services.

The clinic supports a range of clients doing important community organizing work in New Haven, among many other things.

I am particularly grateful to be learning from two remarkable lawyers -- the outgoing Ludwig CED fellow, John T. Marshall, who will finishing his term at YLS and taking up a law teaching position at Georgia State, and from our supervising attorney, Jay Pottenger.

A Phenomenological Approach to Radical Evil

I was delighted to participate in the Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy again this year.  John Drummond, Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Fordham University, was the conference host.

Previous sessions of the workshop have been hosted at Seattle University, Boston University, and UC Santa Cruz.

My paper this year was titled, "A Phenomenological Approach to Radical Evil."

This is a piece I have been working on for some time.  The paper originally broke off from a project on genocide and radical evil, treated from a phenomenological perspective.  The first portion of that project has already been published, "Neither Close Nor Strange: Levinas, Hospitality, and Genocide," which appeared as a book chapter in Phenomenologies of the Stranger.  I am now circling back to the problem of radical evil with that approach to genocide in mind.

The Workshop, as always, was wonderful.  If I can get a bit of time, I hope to work up this paper into publishable form based on the outstanding feedback I received.

It was a treat to spend a few days in NYC, too.

RA, Post/Kapczynski

In Spring 2013, I started work as a Research Assistant for Dean Robert Post and Professor Amy Kapczynski.  The RA team is working on a project concerning the First Amendment and public health. More details to come on this project, I'm sure.